:: About

The Grow library is a toolset consisting of a series of procedural geometric mesh generators/modifiers and (realtime) rendering tools.

These tools can be used standalone or are easily integrated into an automated/
scripted processing pipeline.

:: Requirements

* Windows Vista/7/8 x64
* Php 5.4+
* Saves .LXO files (can be opened in Modo and Unity)

:: Installation

php interface: Unzip to wwwroot/inetpub and open any of the gen.*/compiler.* scripts in a browser window.

:: Brancher

in:splitdepthmaxmaximum branching depth
in:rootsidescountnumber of quads around the base of the tree
in:treelengthrandomized length of the tree
in:treeenvelopecurve describing the radius of the tree along its length
in:curvaturecurvation of the tree along its length
in:roottangentbiasbias a branch's initial orientation towards the tangent of its parent
in:newbranchchancechance a new branch grows out of a quad
in:newbranchhorizonlevel a new branch towards the X-axis
out:meshgenerated mesh

:: Poissondisc

in:meshtarget mesh
in:spacingoffset between samples
in:countexplicit number of samples to generate
out:meshgenerated mesh(-vertices)

:: Qhuller

in:meshtarget mesh
in:hullbiasbias to use when searching for extreme vertices
out:meshgenerated mesh

:: Reductor

in:meshtarget mesh
in:factornormalized reduction factor (e.g. 0.8 = 80%)
out:meshgenerated mesh

:: Shadercompiler

in:hlslshader sourcecode to compile
in:entrypointentry point function (e.g. 'main')
in:profileshader features to compile against (e.g. 'vs_4_0')
in:colorcodegenerate colorcoded disassembly output
out:bytecodecompiled shader
out:asmdisassembly info

:: Texcompiler

in:algo0:RGBA, 1:BC1, 3:BC3, 4:BC4, 5:BC5
in:arraymaskcut-out array indices; highest index determines dimensions of the sheet (e.g. [2, 9, 13] < 16 -> 4x4)
out:datauint32 [bits 0:2 algo][bits 3:6 mipmapcount][bit 7 iscube][bits 8:23 arraylength], [arrays][mipmaps][texels]
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